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  • Peperoni Books 2013
  • Viktoria Sorochinski "Anna & Eve"
  • 24,8 x 26,6 cm
  • 104 pages
  • 48 color illustrations
  • Text records by Eva Anfinger
  • English, Russian
  • Hardcover with tipped-in image
  • ISBN: 978-3-941825-46-8

"Anna & Eve" Book is not simply a catalog; it is a journey into a realm of fantasies and fairytales, overlapping with the realities of everyday life. In addition to my photographs portraying the enigmatic relationship between mother and daughter, this book reveals the insightful gaze of a child into the world of adults through Eve's commentary about the important aspects of our existence.  

This book also opens with a prologue where you will discover Eve's tale about "her planet" as well as a dream-like sequence of images with Anna & Eve, which you will find nowhere but in this book.


Special Edition:

16 copies (+ 7 AP - not for sale)

The special edition book comes with a beautiful, cloth-bound, hand-made box and a signed limited edition print (image size: 28 x 28 cm) from the "Anna & Eve" series.