WORKSHOP: June 8,9,10 and 23, 2018

Fact & Fiction / Post Documentary

I will be giving a two-weekend workshop at Neue Schule fur Fotografie.

From the series SILENT DIALOGS (2009-2018)

From the series SILENT DIALOGS (2009-2018)

The new photographic era has changed our perception of “documentary”, giving birth to a new concept, the “post-documentary”. In this new concept, reality and fiction are not contradicting but rather supporting each other.

In this four-day workshop students will learn about various approaches to contemporary documentary and the possibility of crossing boundaries with staged or artistic interpretations in the field of visual storytelling through open discussions, practical assignments, readings, and slide presentations. Students will learn useful techniques in managing lighting in out-of-studio situations. An overview of the basic principles and understanding color as a visual tool will also be part of the workshop. Furthermore, this class will put an emphasis on editing images concisely in order to create a consistent and complete project with a clear narrative and a distinctive stylistic approach.

* Workshop is open for anyone with previous background in photography and a genuine interest in conceptual approach to working on photographic project.

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