In the spring of 2015 I had the opportunity to do an Artist Residency in Norway at the ancient former Medieval Monastery - Halsnøy Kloster founded in the beginning of the 12th century. The old house where I was housed during the residency used to belong to this Monastery and was rebuild in 1840s. This house is surrounded by myths and beliefs that continue thriving in the tales of local people.

I was greatly inspired by this mysterious place located on the island and surrounded by the sea and forests. It immediately gave me a sensation of being in a magical fairytale. I felt enchanted and mesmerized.  I suddenly felt as if I was a child again.


“Brother & Sister”

At the beginning of my stay at Halsnoy Kloster I also had a wondrous encounter with a little brother and sister – Marte and Mathias – who live on this island. This encounter was one of the decisive moments for my work during the residency.

The “Brother & Sister” series is based on my personal observations of the relationship between Marte and Mathias, fairytales about brothers and sisters, my childhood memories, as well as the psychoanalytical book “Brothers and Sisters Discovering the Psychology of Companionship” written by Lara Newton - a former student of Carl Jung.  This book is analyzing the brother-sister bond through myths, fairytales, and dreams. 

In dreams and our subconscious the house represents the foundation of our soul. Therefore, in my story the brother & sister are starting their journey while being alone in the big and mysterious house. From this house they travel into     the unknown (which is also represented by the woods).  In this magical journey they get to know each other and themselves, recognize the male-female differences as well as fight with the evil forces together.

In order to finalize my work on this series I came back to the Island of Halsony independently after the residency was completed.


“Still Life Tales”

Still Life Tales is a little playful series which I did simultaneously while working on the “Brother & Sister” series.

The house where I stayed was filled with the history and the spirit of its former inhabitants.  In this series I wanted to capture my interpretation of the stories that its walls and objects were whispering to me.  I decided to breathе life into the old objects that were dusty and abandoned on the shelves, stove, tables and other corners of the house by creating an interaction with some of the food or other objects that we were using while living in this house as artists in residence.

The beautiful, painterly sunlight leaking through a rooftop window onto an old wooden table, where I was playing with the objects, was an additional inspiring element for me to create this series.