Far & Familiar, 2016


When I think of Ukraine in my childhood memories, I often see objects and food that my grand-grand mother would prepare in a small village located near the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. The fruits and the vegies from her own garden were so real and full of aroma. I remember eating raspberries from an enamel mag or nibbling sunflower seeds that were wrapped in a newspaper.  Every picture of such moment brings up a whole spectrum of emotions and memories that I cherish in the deepest corners of my heart.   

Still Beautiful Life – Ukraine, is a series of still lives based on all these childhood memories as well as on my observations of current lifestyle in Ukrainian villages which appears to be the same since over 30 years  - the time when I visited these places as a child. 

While working on my other ongoing project “Lands of No-Return” capturing the last remains of authentic Ukrainian villages and it's elderly inhabitants, I had a chance to immerse myself again into the life that my grand-grand mother and my grand father were living. While portraying the disturbing realities of these days, I wanted to step aside and create a kind of iconic commemoration of these objects and lifestyle that have a rather warm and filled with light space in my heart.