"Silent Dialogs", 2009-2018

My work as an artist-photographer has always been strongly connected to people.  For over a decade I have been focusing on relationships and family dynamics through various photographic projects. Strengths, weaknesses, conflicts, fears, pathologies, unresolved issues with each other – all these psychological aspects are the subject of my visual and conceptual investigation.

SILENT DIALOGS is one of my ongoing long-term projects portraying people in moments of psychological encounter with themselves, and with those who are close to them; with their families, pets and of course with the viewer and myself – the photographer. During these moments of self-reflection and internal dialog, a certain truth about these people is revealed.  All the subjects are real people (not models) in real relationships, but the scenes are moderately orchestrated in order to bring out the essence of their particular bond or character.  My work process is very intuitive and my aim as an artist is to create the conditions that will allow these moments of revelation to occur in front of my camera. To that end, all the photographs are shot in the subjects’ intimate environments and using their personal belongings and clothes as props in this “theater of life”. The photographs included in this project have been taken in different parts of the world.