“Dolls’ House”, 2018-2019 

“Dolls’ House” is my new ongoing project dwelling between documentary and fiction.

About one year ago, I had a wonderous encounter with a beautiful family in Berlin that I started to follow and photograph whenever I have the chance. When I first entered their home, it seemed as though I have stepped into a different realm – a realm of magic and fairytales, where light and darkness are merging into one, where reality and fantasy are not separated one from the other, where dolls appear to be as alive as the people. Their home is filled with a kind of mystery and comfort at the same time, it beckons you and envelopes you with its warmth and strangeness making it nearly impossible to leave. Each character inhabiting this home lives their own separate life, full of secrets, unspoken truths and at times psychological turmoil, but in the same time they are all wonderfully united.