“Daddy”, 2008-2017

Daddy is a long term, narrative project that dwells in between documentary and fiction. Notwithstanding the staged quality of this project, it is a true story of a relationship between father and daughter (Andrew and Lucie) whom I first met in New York in 2008 and whom I follow since 9 years. All the scenes in “Daddy” project are inspired by my conversations with Andrew - conflicted young man who has decided to have a child when he was 20 years-old. During these conversations, he has generously shared with me his most concealed thoughts, feelings, fantasies and fears. The young father was going through a complex psychological conflict with himself. His unfulfilled wish to have a son turned into an unexpected reality where he has to bring up a daughter. Dealing with his own childhood memories and unsettling relationship with his own father he is overwhelmed by his weaknesses and fears, struggling with the fact that he has to be the role model for his child. Using a fiction-like, playful approach allowed me to talk about deep personal issues and psychological tensions that would have otherwise stayed behind closed doors.

In addition to the photographs, I have recorded “Daddy’s Confession” 2012 – a video that features the father’s monolog where he reflects on his ambivalent state of mind.